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Electrode Gap
  • Overview
  • Analysis
  • Electrode Gap
  • Electrode Gap Adjustment
  • Projection
  • Modified and Performance Engines
  • Heat Range
  • Operating Temperature
  • LPG Compatibility
  • Precious Metal
  • Installation
  • Resistor Spark Plugs
  • Racing Spark Plugs

Electrode Gap

The electrode gap of a spark plug dictates the spark magnitude. An incorrect electrode gap may affect engine performance as the spark magnitude may be insufficient to

ensure complete combustion of the air-fuel mixture.

The electrode gap is meticulously controlled when a spark plug is manufactured, and due to the very large selection of plugs, in most cases the electrode gap is set to suit the vehicle as recommended in our catalogue. In some rare cases however, a specific electrode gap may be required for some vehicles which is not commonly manufactured. As such the electrode gap may need adjustment, and it is always best to quickly consult you owner’s manual (Please refer to Electrode Gap Adjustment).

Modified engines with higher compression or forced induction will typically require smaller electrode gap settings (to ensure ignitability in these denser air/fuel mixtures) as the voltage requirement at the electrode gap is increased due to higher combustion pressures. As a rule, the more power you are making.

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