Glow Plugs

Glow Plugs
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Glow Plugs

NGK Glow Plugs are at the forefront of technological innovations. Our glow plugs maintain optimum starting capabilities and offer an excellent post-glow function, promoting clean combustion and lower toxic emissions. They are manufactured with state of the art techniques with dedication to quality, which leads to outstanding reliability.

Choose NGK Glow Plugs, and ignite with ease on a frosty start.

What is a Glow Plug?

Diesel engines, unlike petrol engines which rely on a spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture, function due to the auto-ignition of diesel fuel when subjected to high pressures. Under high pressure, the temperature of the diesel fuel increases to a point where the fuel self-combusts. In cold weather however, this temperature is not always achieved and glow plugs assist by heating the air-fuel mixture to assist in cold starting.

Put simply, glow plugs are small heaters.

Glow Plug Anatomy

Although the glow plug is a familiar engine component, glow plug terminology often varies. The diagrams below identify the major components of metal and ceramic glow plugs and their correct terminology.




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