Knowledge is Power


Whether you’re starting out as a mechanic, car parts interpreter or automotive sales representative, access to accurate and up to date product knowledge is fundamental and powerful, but it can also be tricky to find a reliable source.

To combat this problem, Niterra Australia and KYB Shock Absorbers have developed an
E-Learning program. As an in depth and interactive tool for training and development, the NGK/NTK & KYB E-learning websites offer a complimentary step by step learning suite for ignition, sensor and suspension products; Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs, Oxygen Sensors, Ignition Leads, Ignition Coils, shock absorbers.

Both the NGK/NTK and KYB programs consist of learning modules, featuring detailed theory paired with interactive animations. Through these modules participants can learn about:

  • The function of each part
  • The components of each part and how they work
  • Factors that affect each part, for example heat, torque settings
  • Different operating conditions
  • Different part types
  • New technology

At the completion of each topic, participants are given an opportunity to test their knowledge by completing a module quiz. This allows them to demonstrate an advanced understanding of the product group and draw attention to any areas that may need revisiting. Upon successful completion of each individual learning module, participants are issued a congratulatory certificate to recognise their achievement. Similarly, upon completion of all learning modules, a ‘gold’ certificate is issued to recognise completion of the full E-learning program.

As specialists in the field of ignition, sensors and suspension, Niterra Australia is proud to provide a resource that encourages and cultivates automotive education.