Following success in Europe and USA, NGK is excited to announce the launch of four new sensor ranges in Australia. Camshaft, Crankshaft, MAP and ABS Wheel Speed Sensors will be added to their already extensive catalogue of Oxygen, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors and Air Fuel Ratio Monitor.

“NTK sensors play vital roles in the function of vehicles, communicating the position of various components to the computer for safe, efficient driving,” said James Filshie, Senior Product Manager, NGK Spark Plugs Australia. “And the addition of these four new sensor ranges cements our position as a world-leading ignition and sensor manufacturer.”

NGK has always been renowned as a supplier of original equipment spark plugs, glow plugs and NTK Lambda sensors to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket and in recent years has also become increasingly well known for its expanding NTK engine and vehicle management sensors‘ range.

“The new sensor ranges provide excellent Australian vehicle parc coverage and opens up further original equipment (OE) replacement opportunities for aftermarket customers,” James explained.

Camshaft and crankshaft sensors, in particular, are a vital part of the engine management system and provide information about engine speed and the exact position of several engine components, camshaft/valves and crankshaft/pistons. Supplying this information to the engine control unit (ECU) enables the fuel injection and ignition systems to function efficiently.

The crankshaft sensor keeps track of the crankshafts rotational speed and position. The purpose of the camshaft is to open and close the valves. It is connected to, and driven by, the crankshaft and rotates at half of the crankshaft’s speed. The camshaft sensor continually measures the position of the camshaft to ensure appropriate synchronisation.

Timing is critical to optimise the efficiency of an engine and the new sensors are key to ensuring the correct functioning of fuel injection and ignition systems. Connected to the pistons and the gearbox, the crankshaft converts the linear, vertical movements of the pistons into rotary motion that powers the engine and makes the vehicle move.

“As a company we never stand still and are constantly looking ahead and working to expand our product offering to our customers,” said James.

“NTK has more than 40 years’ experience in the sensor business and these new product ranges confirms our position as Australia’s leading ignition and sensor supplier and is sure to prove popular with our distributors and their customers, “ he added.